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Sensei Jose Cisneros in Kansas City - Integrity Martial Arts Academy

Sensei Jose Cisneros

5th Degree Blackbelt Renshi Grade

Master Jose Cisneros is a 5th degree Black Belt in the Tae Kwon Do-Chung Do Kwan style of martial arts. He is currently learning the Shotokan style under the direction of Kyoshi Rudolph Muhammad.

Master Cisneros began his training in 1992 and continues and continues to train under Kyoshi Muhammad. IN 2002, he opened his own school, J.C. Martial Arts. He holds two classes a week at the Armourdale Community Center in Kansas City, Ks. His students range in age from 7 to 65 years old. Over the past five years, two of his students have earned Black Belt rank; and one student has gone on to earn 2nd degree Black Belt rank.

Master Cisneros teaches the Tae Kwon Do-Chung Do Kwan style and has begun teaching his students the Shotokan style as well. His students are also taught respect, self-defense skills, dependability, sportsmanship, discipline, strength, and mutual friendship. Master Cisneros enjoys teaching martial arts and passing his knowledge on to his students. He hopes to continue training and teaching for many years to come.

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