Integrity Martial Arts Academy Reviews

Integrity Martial Arts Academy Matthew Chiesi

An amazing dojo in a surprising place, the shops at the corner of Red Bridge and Holmes. Started bringing my daughter here in May 2016. She loves coming here. The teachers are amazing in their skill and also in their way of relating to kids. Master Mohammed is a well kept secret in the city and his dojo is a blessing for a lot of kids and families. The fees are reasonable and there are family discounts. Not just Karate either, also learning about self defense, protecting yourself, and developing character too.

Matthew Chiesi

Integrity Martial Arts Academy Bill Cusick

This dojo is great! The owners and instructors are tough, but fair. They teach discipline and values. I would highly recommend this dojo to anyone!

Bill Cusick

Integrity Martial Arts Academy Jenny Mische

Integrity Karate is a great place for kids. They learn to work together and treat each other with respect. Good character and hard work are emphasized as much as learning the physical techniques. I would recommend Integrity Karate to any one who has an interest in Martial Arts!

Jenny Mische

Integrity Martial Arts Academy Tommy Todd

Best Dojo in KC period!! Well trained instructors who care about passing on the art the way it should be done. Great place for both kids and adults.

Tommy Todd

Integrity Martial Arts Academy Robert Baum

I have known the instructors for years and would refer anyone to them who are interested in learning martial arts. They have set a very high standard for martial arts instruction!

Robert Baum

Integrity Martial Arts Academy Kassie Sands

Integrity Martial Arts Academy brings together the key ingredients that have helped our son gain more discipline, self control, physical strength, confidence, friendship and respect for himself and others. At first glance it might look like they're only training kids' bodies, but their focus is helping create strong minds as well. Our family would highly recommend this organization, and the leadership of Master Muhammad and Master David.

Kassie Sands

Integrity Martial Arts Academy Richard Osborne Jr

Don't wait enroll today!

Richard Osborne Jr

Integrity Martial Arts Academy Sarah Jacobson Nord

Our son has been attending for a nearly a year, and we are incredibly impressed with the quality of instruction he has received. They don't just teach karate. They teach character.

Sarah Jacobson Nord

Integrity Martial Arts Academy Rochelle Lee Settle

Great group of people to learn integrity, discipline and karate.

Rochelle Lee Settle

Integrity Martial Arts Academy Amy Tompkins

I love how they teach the children to have respect for their parents, grandparents, and themselves!

Amy Tompkins

Integrity Martial Arts Academy Cicely Trotter

Great instructors to help the kids learn martial arts as well as life lessons. I couldn't have chosen a better place for my child.

Cicely Trotter

Integrity Martial Arts Academy Tammy Cochran

I can't say enough good things! They aren't aren't only concerned with teaching karate, but with building character. They consistently promote respect toward others, and work to encourage each child's feeling of self worth. So glad they decided to set up shop in our part of town.

Tammy Cochran

Integrity Martial Arts Academy Sylvia Ward

Absolutely love the staff and my son has learned exceptional self discipline from just a few months working with Master David and Master Rudolph. I recommend them to anyone that has a wild child!

Sylvia Ward

Integrity Martial Arts Academy Michael Kelby

Although I haven't been an active student for about 15 years, it's always home. And home training stays with you for a lifetime. My everyday life serves as a constant reminder of not only the physical disciplines I was taught, but the mental, character building aspects. Always mindful as to how a was taught to conduct and carry myself with confidence and integrity. There's no place like it.

Michael Kelby

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