Sensei James Muhammad | Martial Arts Instructor

Sensei James Muhammad in Kansas City - Integrity Martial Arts Academy

Sensei James Muhammad

4th Degree Blackbelt

Sensei James Muhammad started training in 1979, in Chicago, with the help from his father, Master James “Jaws” Butler, in Shorin Ryu Karate (Okinawan system), where he advanced to yellow belt. He relocated to Kansas City in 1988, and in 1991 continued Martial Arts training under Master Rudolph Muhammad, obtaining 4th degree black belt.

In 2012, began training VSK Ju Jitsu, with Grand Master Anthony Muhammad, under the guidance of his student, Student Calvin Muhammad. He is currently studying at both schools, Integrity Martial Arts, and United School of Survival (USOS).

He has taught at Don Bosco Community Center, Kansas City, MO; and Pandarama Pre-School, Kansas City, KS; and assists at the main school. He believes that self-improvement is the basis for community development. And to constantly train and overcome obstacles in your life, putting God first in those efforts, helps you to attain a sense of purpose.

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