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Sensei Greg Farley in Kansas City - Integrity Martial Arts Academy

Sensei Greg Farley

5th Degree Blackbelt Renshi Grade

Sensei Gregory Farley began training, at the age of 7, under Kyoshi Muhammad. Mr. Farley credit's the teaching of Kyoshi Muhammad, and the family atmosphere, for helping him thrive; not only in martial arts, but in his personal and professional life as well. The love and friendship always shown to every student, as well as the standard of excellence, has inspired him to be a better person and take on leadership roles in all areas of his life. Mr. Farley has taught Karate classes at Christ the King Academy, Gordon Parks Charter School, Boone elementary school, Hartman elementary school, and De La Salle Academy. Sensei Farley was blessed to be awarded with an oppurtunity to teach for the United Way play 60 program several years ago. He currently teaches at the main school, teaches his own students under Kansas City Linc program management, and has volunteered for various enrichment centers to spread the art of karate throughout the Greater Kansas City Area.

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