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Kyoshi Rudolph A Muhammad in Kansas City - Integrity Martial Arts Academy

Kyoshi Rudolph A Muhammad

Kyoshi Rudolph A. Muhammad is the founder of and Chief Instructor at Integrity Martial Arts Academy in Kansas City, Mo. Kyoshi started training in Shotokan Karate as a teenager in St. Louis, Mo.

Since that time, he has studied and trained in multiple martial arts disciplines, receiving Master Instructor ranking in four systems: Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo, Yonsei Goju-ru Karate, Sho Lum Te Karate, and Shotokan Karate. Kyoshi has consistently incorporated more progressive techniques into his teaching curriculum, causing his academy to be ever relevant in the constantly evolving martial arts community.

Kyoshi Muhammad has promoted seven students to Master Instructor grade and promoted well over one hundred students to various levels of Black Belt. He has been the promoter of many local tournaments, self-defense and combat seminars, summer training camps, and special classes for the handicapped and disabled.

Kyoshi Muhammad is currently a member of International MartialArts Association, studying Shotokan Karate with Hanshi Cyrus Madani of Louisville, Colorado. It is note-worthy that Kyoshi has come full circle in his training!



  • Established his teaching curriculum following the Chung Do Kwan Institute Blueprint, taught to him by his teacher Grandmaster Yong Taek Chung.
  • Incorporated Goju Kata, weapons training, and Aki-Jitsu self-defense techniques taught by Grandmaster Dr. Ramon Nunez.
  • Incorporated Fighting Theory Principles, and Combat Fundamentals taught by Grandmaster C.H. Carter.
  • Promoted to Shichidan Kyoshi 7th Dan in Sholumte Karate 2/6/1999


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